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Personalized Monthly Support

This 1:1 personalized service was created to support and guide you with any and every business need that you have in the specific month we work together. Launching a new product and need a strategy for that? I GOT YOUR BACK. Need help creating a content planner filled with topics and ideas for the month (that you can create by yourself or send to your SMM)? I AM THERE FOR YOU. Want to find ways to increase your sales and ideal client visibility? LET’S DO IT! Need someone by your side to hold you accountable while you apply strategies to your business? THAT'S ALSO ME.


Think of me as your personal strategist/ consultant/ advisor :) Because it's a monthly package, you can renew it in the beginning of every month or pause/end when the month ends. It's up to you. 



This is for you if you:

  • You already own a product based business;

  • You are struggling, overwhelmed and in need of clarity/direction when it comes to your online product business;

  • You are ready to take action and put in the work to improve your business and see it grow/give you results;

  • You are looking for a strategic set of eyes that will help you in a monthly basis with your current business needs;

  • You have been consistent, but feel like you are wasting your time because your products are not being sold;

  • You are tired of following all the free strategies and tips and see how none of them work for you and your business;

  • You want to find a method and process that helps you sell your products online and optimize your time (work less, sell more);

  • Crave for more free time outside your business.



  • 60 minute zoom calls (3 calls total) - In person meetings available for clients that live in the area (Antwerp/Belgium).

  • Weekly whatsapp and email support during service period (Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm CET)

  • Recorded zoom sessions

  • Personalized Materials - If/when applicable

Ready to receive a personalized support done just for you and your business? Click below on THIS IS FOR ME and let's chat.

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