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Hello there! My name is Sarah and I offer strategic consulting services for product based businesses worldwide that want to grow an authentic brand digitally and sell their products the smartest way possible.


With a bachelors in business administration and a masters in Fashion, Design & Luxury Branding I always had a passion in working with product based businesses and brands. 


Having the opportunity to travel and live worldwide, work in an amazing fashion brand called FARM and two of the biggest marketing and advertisement agencies in Brazil I was even more certain of the path I wanted to take in life.


After working 5 years in the product and service based industry and working corporate I decided to finally put my dream in action and help businesses in a 1:1 level.  


Are you a product based business/entrepreneur and feel that you and your products are not getting the visibility and sales you desire? Then you are in the right place.


Remember that people don't only buy products, they buy a story, a solution and a transformation. I want to help you become the first and best choice for your ideal clients.


Click here and let's do this together.

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