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At Sarah Struijk - Brand Marketing & Consulting I help product based businesses ditch overwhelm and position themselves in the market with clarity to attract ideal clients and sell online.


Want to have a marketing strategy built just for you and your business? Want to start selling your products effectively and strategically online? I got your back! Click here and let's have a chat!


Check Out What My Clients Are Saying

- Andrea, "@fadedplains"

"I struggled with how to create content and market my products on Instagram, and after our meeting, I feel more confident about how to do that! I learned to start thinking about my products as a benefit to people and not something I need to push them to buy. I learned there's different ways to "sell" on social media that don't feel salesy. She met my expectations (above and beyond). Everything was done in such a timely and professional manner. The given content and strategy was easy to understand and follow. My overall experience was amazing! I learned more in one meeting with Sarah than I thought possible! I would absolutely recommend her services. It's obvious Sarah loves what she does, and truly wants her clients to succeed. It was a pleasure working with her."

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